Directions to Kawaii Cooking

  • 1. Take the Omotesando B1 exit.
  • 2. When you get on the ground, go straight ahead.
    You will see『MARIAGE FRERES』on the left side of the front.
  • 3. Cross the traffic signal .
  • 4. There is a currency exchange in front of you when you cross the traffic signal.
  • 5. Turn left,You will see 『STARBUCKS』, so go straight ahead.
  • 6. When you cross the traffic signal, you will see『3rd burger』on the right side.
  • 7. Go straight ahead and the cross the traffic signal.
    You will see『PINKO』on the right side.
  • 8. Go straight ahead and you will see 『Clinton Street Baking Company』on the right side.
  • 9. Go straight ahead and there is a traffc signal.
    There is a『Hunting World』on the right side. Turn right here.
  • 10. Go straight ahead and you will see the parkingon the left side.
  • 11. There is a studio on the second floor of the building next to the parking.
  • 12. Go up the stairs and Please enter from the front door.