Vegetable Sushi

Marriagiu of vegetables and the sushi. You can enjoy sushi even the material only for vegetables.

It is sushi to make without using the animal thing including meat and the fish entirely. You can learn how to make sushi topping with only vegetables. A color and the form vary, an appearance is very beautiful, and the taste is good. People who limited the meal including a vegetarian and the Muslim can also enjoy it because we prepare a lot of patterns not to use the animal ingredients.

  • Time

    2 to 2.5 hours

  • Menu

    • Nine kinds of kawaii vegetables sushi
    • Miso soup (without animal food)
    • side dishes
    • Tofu Dengaku (Griled tofu with sweet miso paste)
    • Japanese dessert of the season
    • Japanese fruit liquor OR vinegar drink
    • Japanese green tea
    • Matcha
    • Teacake
  • Thing which is provided in this class

    • How to make kawaii vegetables sushi (nine kinds)
    • How to make miso soup
    • How to make side dish
    • How to make tofu dengaku
  • Hospitality service

    • Setting of the free drink corner
    • Recipe PDF with the E-mail
    • Free rental of an apron and the hand towel
    • Service and souvenir (normal 60-80 kinds) which selected carefully from a list of 100 hospitality
  • Lesson fee & Reservation method

    It varies according to lesson-style. Please choose it among following lesson-style and confirm it.


We have various lesson styles. Please choose according to your travel style.