Department store Basement / Supermarket Tour

You can experience the trend of a meal in Tokyo.

Visit the food corner in the basement of Shibuya department store or the highest supermarket in Tokyo. These are the best places to buy souvenirs because they handle carefully selected ingredients from Japan. The department store's underground food section is a treasure trove of food trends. We have topical sweets and ingredients carefully selected from all over the country by buyers from department stores. The famous supermarket in Omotesando is a supermarket where celebrities from Tokyo gather. Therefore, you can get selected ingredients from all over the country. It is also an ideal place to purchase souvenirs.

  • Time

    1 hour
    We held it after the afternoon lesson.
    After the tour, it will be dissolved locally.

  • Menu

    You can choose a department store basement or a luxury supermarket.
    * Regular lesson dates cannot be selected by the customer.

  • Thing which is provided in this class

    • Introduction of ingredients recommended by staff
    • Latest Japanese food trends
  • Lesson fee & Reservation method

    It varies according to lesson-style. Please choose it among following lesson-style and confirm it.


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