Okonomiyaki + inari sushi

It is a popular Japanese soul food. You can easily cook okonomiyaki at the home.

Okonomiyaki (pancake baked with eggs and cabbage) is a popular Japanese street food and is a soul food from Osaka. It ranks high in the ranking of foreigners' favorite Japanese food in every year. You can also learn art techniques using the source.

  • Time

    2 to 2.5 hours

  • Menu

    • Kawaii okonomiyaki
    • Kawaii Inari sushi
    • Japanese style rolled omelet
    • Kakitamajiru (Soup with beaten egg)
    • Pickled vegetables
    • Japanese dessert of the season
    • Japanese fruit liquor OR vinegar drink
    • Japanese green tea
    • Matcha
    • Teacake
  • Thing which is provided in this class

    • How to make Okonomiyaki
    • Way of decoration using mayonnaise
    • How to make Japanese style rolled omelet
    • How to make Kawaii Inari sushi
    • How to make Kakitamajiru
  • Hospitality service

    • Setting of the free drink corner
    • Recipe PDF with the E-mail
    • Free rental of an apron and the hand towel
    • Service and souvenir (normal 60-80 kinds) which selected carefully from a list of 100 hospitality
  • Lesson fee & Reservation method

    It varies according to lesson-style. Please choose it among following lesson-style and confirm it.


We have various lesson styles. Please choose according to your travel style.