• QCan I pay with the credit card?

    Yes, it is available.

  • QWhat are the private and group lesson fee?

    We provide an estimate after asking about desired menu, number of participants, optional tour, etc. We can make plan depending on your budget. Please feel free to contact us for suggestions.

  • QIs there a discount for children?

    Sorry. When attending a lesson, the same price as an adult requested. We offer services that children can enjoy.

  • QIs it free if the accompanying friend just visits?

    We are sorry, but please refrain from accompanying us due to space limitations. If your friend also pays the regular fee, only the visit is possible.

  • QIs it possible to use groups?

    Yes, you can use it. Up to 40 people can be used.
    * For over 40 people, it is possible to arrange for another venue.

  • QIs it possible to use alone?

    Yes, we have a plan that allows one person to participate.

  • QCan I take lessons at another place?

    Yes. You can take lessons at designated venues. However, there will be additional costs such as business trip fees and transportation costs.

  • QThere are ingredients that I cannot eat.

    We will respond as much as possible. Please inform us in detail in advance. *There are many menus for Muslims and vegetarians.

  • QIs there a regular holiday?

    * Closed on Sundays, but we can be accepted anytime if instructor can arrange. Please feel free to contact us.

  • QCan you ask for an interpreter?

    We have English-speaking staff, but not interpreters. *Therefore, we may not be able to respond to questions other than those related to lessons. If necessary, an interpreter can be arranged (charged). In addition, it is possible to arrange a video or photo for your memories (charged).

  • QWill I be charged if I cancel?

    If you cancel after booking, you will be charged from the following schedule.
    29-15: 20% 14-8: 50% 2-7: 80% 0-1: 100%