We will guide you to the world of Kawaii Japanese food culture.

“Kawaii Japanese food” has the power to make “watchers”, “makers” and “eaters” happy. “Kawaii cooking” was born from the desire to increase the opportunity to experience this wonderful kawaii food culture and to serve the best hospitality.

You can make wonderful memories!

Kawaii Cooking provide various “experiences to make Kawaii Japanese food” for foreigners here.

There are many kinds of Kawaii Japanese food, such as character Bento (charaben) and Deco Maki Sushi (thick roll sushi that comes out a picture when you cut it), and popular Japanese food (ramen, okonomiyaku, etc.) are also included Kawaii elements.

It is ideal for private travel, group travel, hospitality for VIPs and executives, and MICE and MICE companion programs because it is a program that everybody can enjoy irrespective of age and sex. We look forward to your visit.


Here are some of the results of teaching cute Japanese cuisine in Japan and overseas.

  • Tore Pan Pacific Tennis

    At the Tore Pan Pacific Tennis event, we gave panda Deco Sushi lessons to Madison Keys (USA), Elina Svitrina (Ukraine), and Carla Black (Zimbabwe).

  • NHK World Information TV Program
    “Kawaii International”

    It is broadcasted in 150 countries. In this program, we performed Deco Sushi for 3 weeks.

  • OLIVERS & CO Workshop (in Paris)

    We held six workshops at the famous olive oil specialty store in France, OLIVER & Co. Didier Bourdon from Les inconnus, Eric VERDIER from the famous sommelier in Paris, and TOP models visited it.


Make a good memory with Kawaii Japanese cooking experience

We prepared various cooking experiences not only character lunches (lunch boxes with motifs of animals and anime characters) and Deco Maki Sushi, but also a variety of Japanese dishes. Please choose your favorite class.

Popular Japanese cuisine (ramen, okonomiyaki, etc.) also includes kawaii elements, so you can enjoy the world of kawaii Japanese cooking.

The lessons are conducted by a full-time instructor, such as an instructor (KAORU) who has appeared in many media. In addition to Kawaii Cooking studios, we can respond to your needs such as hotels, embassies, schools, and local and overseas venues. We look forward to your visit.


    You can enjoy Kawaii Japanese dishes with characters and animals as motifs on the plate. You can learn a lot about how to make it.


    You can enjoy Kawaii Japanese dishes with a motif of characters and animals in a bento style. You can learn a lot about how to make it.


    It is a traditional Japanese sushi roll that comes out a picture when you cut it. You can create various patterns such as characters and letters, classic Japanese patterns.