To all MICE related businesses

We welcome customers who come to Japan for MICE (meetings / training, incentive trips, academic conferences / international conferences, exhibitions) and their accompanying guests on our original “100 hospitality list” We will provide an experience of making Kawaii Japanese cooking and help you make fun memories of your trip.

Kawaii Cooking
Recommended Points!

  • Kawaii cooking experience

    Kawaii Japanese cooking experience makes people feel HAPPY. It is also pleased with the MICE program because it can be enjoyed by both men and women. In addition, the Kawaii Japanese dishes include not only the cuteness of the appearance, but also the local cuisine of Boso, Chiba Prefecture “Boso no Futomaki Sushi”, and deco sushi rolls with Edo “craft sushi” as its roots. A traditional “original experience of food culture full of humor and fun” is possible.

  • 100 hospitality list

    We will provide the best hospitality based on the “100 hospitality list *” created by the staff over more than half a year. Of course, you can participate by hand. Souvenirs can be arranged according to budget and requests.

    * What is the “100 Hospitality List”?
    We created a “100 hospitality list *” over more than half a year because we want you to enjoy your trip and make good memories in Japan.
    It supports, advise and follows to overseas travelers who came to Japan. We created it “hospitality” perspective unique to Japan, such as things that “it is very useful if there is this” and information that travelers can hardly get.
    * For example, “advice for nearby sightseeing spots”, “recommended restaurant information”, “how to deal with troubles”, “presentation of goods to heal the fatigue of travel”,“play experience unique to Japan”, “priceless things”, etc.
    * The content changes depending on the season. You can experience “hospitality” usually around 60-80 from 100. 

  • A sincere welcome

    The entire staff welcomes you with a sincere smile. Upon request, a welcome board can be created by projecting the organization name and company logo with a projector.

  • Make fun memories with SNS

    There are many people who post their memories of their trips on SNS, and there is no doubt that kawaii Japanese cuisine will be noted on SNS (instagram). In addition, photo props and accessories are available, so you can produce even more kawaii Japanese cuisine.

  • Discerning space and ingredients

    You can experience a variety of experiences in a relaxed mood in a spacious comfortable space with natural light. We are fully equipped with luxury facilities such as cooking utensils from famous kitchen makers. In addition, , even genuine VIPs can enjoy it, because the ingredients are carefully selected ingredients.

  • Good location for
    fashion and convenience

    It is located in Omotesando, the area with the most fashionable cityscapes in Tokyo and high-end shops. The kawaii sacred place, Harajuku and Shibuya are within walking distance. It is cloth to some famous sightseeing spots, so you can combine with various sightseeing schedules before and after the lesson.

  • Custom-made hospitality

    Upon request, “providing quality service” that does not exist in the menu is also possible. Lessons in other places are possible as well as venue arrangements according to the content and number of people. Furthermore, we can propose steel and video services, interpreter arrangements, kimono lessons, trial lessons other than cooking, sightseeing arrangements as options, so please feel free to contact us.