We will guide you to the world of Kawaii Japanese food culture.

“Kawaii Japanese food” has the power to make “watchers”, “makers” and “eaters” happy. “Kawaii cooking” was born from the desire to increase the opportunity to experience this wonderful kawaii food culture and to serve the best hospitality.

You can make wonderful memories!

Kawaii Cooking is held at the Omotesando cooking studio, where is the most fashionable city in Tokyo. We provide various “experiences to make Kawaii Japanese food” for foreigners here.

There are many kinds of Kawaii Japanese food, such as character Bento (charaben) and Deco Maki Sushi (thick roll sushi that comes out a picture when you cut it), and popular Japanese food (ramen, okonomiyaki, shabu-shabu, etc.) are also included Kawaii elements.

The ingredients are carefully selected from Japan, and you can be satisfied with the taste. There are many menus for people with limited food, such as vegetarians and Muslims.

The kitchen studio is within walking distance of Shibuya and Harajuku where is a center for Japanese Kawaii culture, so you can enjoy sightseeing before and after cooking. Why not try experiencing Tokyo's “kawaii” together?

It is ideal for private travel, group travel, hospitality for VIPs and executives, and MICE and MICE companion programs because it is a program that everybody can enjoy irrespective of age and sex. We look forward to your visit.

Kawaii Cooking commitment

  • point1

    We have prepared the “100 Hospitality List” for you to make the best memories of your trip to Japan.

    We created a “100 hospitality list *” over more than half a year because we want you to enjoy your trip and make good memories in Japan.
    It supports, advise and follows to overseas travelers who came to Japan. We created it “hospitality” perspective unique to Japan, such as things that “it is very useful if there is this” and information that travelers can hardly get.

    * For example, “advice for nearby sightseeing spots”, “recommended restaurant information”, “how to deal with troubles”, “presentation of goods to heal the fatigue of travel”, “play experience unique to Japan”, “priceless things”, etc.
    * The content changes depending on the season. You can experience “hospitality” usually around 60-80 from 100.

  • point2

    “Kawaii food culture” experience

    “Kawaii” in Japanese is a well-known Japanese language that has become popular throughout the world and is a culture that Japan is proud of. Kawaii food culture such as Chara Ben and Deco Sushi is loved by people all over the world.
    There are also kawaii goods and backgrounds that you can take good pictures and make the best memories.

  • point3

    Custom-made original experience!

    Kawaii Cooking also has many vegetarian and Muslim menus. It is also possible to devise recipes such as recipes that are not on the menu, such as favorite characters, character dials based on the corporate logo, and deco sushi rolls.
    We can provide a custom-made dining experience, so it can be used for VIP, entertainment for celebrities, MICE (meetings / training, rewards / invited trips, international conferences, exhibitions). It is the best for team building.